Call for Speakers

CIDM is once again offering ConVEx – a virtual experience for content developers on April 26-28, 2021. The Virtual Experience is offered as a replacement to several conferences, including Journeys, DITA North America, and DITA Europe. ConVEx is scheduled to take place during normal working hours in both Europe and North America.

All ConVEx Presentations will be pre-recorded in early March and available for viewing approximately 4 weeks prior to the live event. During the live event, “Candid Conversations” will be scheduled for each presentation. This is a 1-hour conversation about your presentation and the overall topic.

The ConVEx Virtual Experience invites content developers from all areas of a business to collaborate on ways to meet their customer’s information needs throughout the entire customer journey, from research and purchase decisions through initial installation and training. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Information Development
  • Reusing content
  • Cross-silo collaboration
  • User personas, empathy maps, and journey maps
  • Unified content strategy
  • Content reuse across silos
  • Enterprise-wide taxonomy, SEO, and metadata strategies
  • User experience design
  • Implementing a Component Content Management System
  • Adopting DITA, Markdown, or other XML structures
  • Microcontent
  • Use of technology, including chat bots, virtual reality, video, artificial intelligence
  • Writing and editing best practices

Presenters will receive a complimentary registration to ConVEx. The reduced registration fee for Co-presenters is $495.00 (USD).
(Limit: 1 Co-presenter per presentation.)

If your have reached this page by special invitation, please submit your proposal using the form below within 3 days of invitation. 

By submitting a presentation proposal, you agree to the following:

I understand that if my presentation is accepted for the conference that

  • I will be able to pre-record my 30 minute session in early March, 2021
  • I will be able to participate in the ConVEx Live Experience
  • The registration fee for Co-Presenters and all panelists is $495.00 (USD)
  • Virtual Exhibition is required for all commercial vendors
  • I agree not to repeat the same presentation that I am giving at ConVEx at any meeting, conference, convention, seminar or other group gathering for a period of 90 days before the Event and 90 days following the Event