Candid Conversations / Library Presentations

The presentations listed here will be available on the ConVEx platform. During ConVEx, you’ll have an opportunity to join a Zoom room to interact with presenters and your fellow professionals in a small group, live chat setting. Each presenter is available for 1 hour to discuss their session, answer your questions, and explore the topics deeper with everyone in attendance.

A Path Through Chaos: Introducing the Content Orchestration Model
Kit Brown-Hoekstra, [A]
| Tuesday, April 27 at 16:00 ET
Practical Tips for a Successful Content Transformation
Kevin Bruckner & Lindsay Baer, IBM
| Monday, April 26 at 13:00 ET
Understanding the Content Ecosystem to Map Microcontent
Rob Hanna & Peihong Zhu, Precision Content
| Tuesday, April 27 at 12:00 ET
How Do Workflow Tickets Fit in a Unified Content Strategy?
Debra Kahn, DK Consulting
| Wednesday, April 28 at 16:00 ET
Scaling Smart Content Across the Enterprise
Gretyl Kinsey, Scriptorium Publishing Services
| Monday, April 26 at 15:00 ET
A Fit For Microcontent
Joyce Lam & Kathryn Torriano, Precision Content
| Wednesday, April 28 at 12:00 ET
The Rise of ContentOps: More than a semantic fad
Toni Mantych, ServiceNow
| Tuesday, April 27 at 16:00 ET
Documentation Strategy for SaaS products
Vaijayanti Nerkar & Priya Shetye, BMC
| Wednesday, April 28 at 6:30 ET
Understanding and Developing Information Flow for Better Documentation
Rik Page, Bluestream
| Tuesday, April 27 at 5:00 ET
Design 101 for Tech Writers: UX principles for omnichannel publishing
Nate Pacelli, Jorsek, Inc.
| Wednesday, April 28 at 10:30 ET
Intent-Based IA: A methodical approach to designing information
Vishal Palliyathu, Cisco
| Tuesday, April 27 at 6:30 ET
Digital Transformation at Varian: Turning a business imperative into an intelligent information strategy
Nicholas Rowlands, Varian
| Wednesday, April 28 at 5:00 ET
Suddenly, Everyone’s A Tech Writer
Helen St. Denis, Stilo
| Tuesday, April 27 at 10:30 ET
Seeing Double: How and when to reuse content
Amber Swope, DITA Strategies
| Monday, April 26 at 18:30 ET