How does this work?

ConVEx is available online everywhere with sessions in every time zone.
If you are a night owl or early bird, you are welcome to join any and all sessions regardless of your time zone.
The Virtual Exhibit Hall is always open!

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The event platform is live!
Everyone can visit the Exhibit Hall to view vendor videos and download fliers.
Registered attendees can watch pre-recorded sessions in preparation for Candid Conversations with presenters.

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Insights & Inspirations:

Enjoy extended talks by industry leaders on critical issues facing technical communicators today. Each Insights and Inspirations session includes their presentation followed by a “Dialog with Dawn,” to delve further into their topic and pose questions from the audience.

Candid Conversations: Join a Zoom room to Interact With Presenters and your fellow professionals in a small group, live chat setting. Talk about the information you’ve gleaned by watching the presenter’s recorded library session and explore the topic deeper with everyone in attendance.

Tips and Trends: Enjoy panel discussions with industry professionals to learn tips and trends to help you hone your skills.

Test Kitchens: Are you are looking for new ideas, new tools, or want to see exactly how things work? Spend some time in the Test Kitchen where our many exhibitors will demonstrate their tools and answer your questions about how to make best use of their capabilities.

Destress and Unwind: Put your mind in neutral and wrap up each day with one of our daily competitive events: Bar Trivia, a Virtual Escape Room, and the often requested and highly anticipated “CIDM’s Got Talent”.
Drinks at Dawn and Dusk, Fix and Feast, Mix and Mash Mealtime: Enjoy demonstrations of how to prepare yummy drinks and meals from your peers. Recipes and shopping lists will be emailed to you ahead of the event so you can choose what sounds best to you. Join the appropriate Zoom room for your chosen recipe and dine along with others who share your culinary tastes.

ConVEx’s Slack Workspace

ConVEx has a dedicated Slack Workspace to facilitate attendees engaging with each other to ask questions, share advice, make recommendations and learn from each other.  We encourage attendees to use Slack messaging to communicate what’s on their minds:

  • Comment about what you’re learning in a session
  • Ask attendees how they are solving problems or resolving issues
  • Swap COVID-19 quarantine stories
  • Requst product and service information from the Exhibitors
  • Create your own channels to chat with like-minded attendees, i.e. agile-writers, git-users, bay-area-writers, remote-working, etc.
  • Catch up with old friends – Talk about your kids, pets and vacations (what vacations?)

Download the detailed guidelines and rules of engagement for the ConVEx Slack Workspace.