Candid Conversations / Platform Library Presentations

Here’s a sampling of the presentation that will be available on the ConVEx‘s platform. During ConVEx, you’ll have an opportunity to join a Zoom room to interact with presenters and your fellow professionals in a small group, live chat setting. Talk about the information you’ve gleaned by watching the presenters’ recorded library sessions and explore the topics deeper with everyone in attendance.

Becoming an Information-Enabled Organization
Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
Who Are You? Developing a Company Voice That is Consistent not Robotic
John Baker, Jorsek Inc
Chatbots: Like a cold shower in the middle of the Canadian winter
France Baril, Architextus
Design Evolution
Dee Beck, McAfee
Aligning Your Content Quality To Your Content Strategy Journey
Berry Braster, Etteplan
Designing the Information Experience
Angela Browne, SAP
SEO for Docs: Measure and improve Search Engine Optimization without selling
Johanna Bryman, Teradata
From Archaic Silos to End-to-End Digital Delivery: A story of content strategy
Kathy Clemens, Automation Anywhere
Terminology and Taxonomy as Foundations for Content Strategy
Ben Colburn, Nutanix & Val Swisher, Content Rules
The Rise of Taxonomy: What you need to know today
Lief Erickson, Scriptorium
Using Style Guides to Achieve Content Collaboration and Consistency
Liz Fraley, Single Sourcing Solution
The Secret Life of Content
Joe Gollner, Gnostyx
Intelligent Microcontent and the 5 Moments of Need
Rob Hanna, Precision Content
Lessons Learned from My Corporate Gig as a Content Strategist
Debra Kahn, DK Consulting
The Crossroads of Change Management & Content Strategy
Tara Knapp, Lincoln Financial Group
Preparing Your Content for Intelligent Machines
Joyce Lam, Precision Content
Problem-Finding as Content Strategy: Applying design thinking to the enterprise content problem
Edwina Lui, Tahzoo
Designing Docs for the Next Generation of Intent-based Information Architecture
Vishal Palliyathu, Cisco
Where DITA Meets Asthetic Design (and why it matters)
Chandi Perera, Typefi Systems
Why You Need Content Transformation for a Successful Content Strategy
Val Swisher, Content Rules
IA Design and Agile Development: Mission (Im)possible!
Amber Swope & Jennifer Fell, DITA Strategies
Adventures in Evolving Content Strategy
Rick Teplitz, Imperva
Do You Really Want To Make Me Cry? Advice to my former self
Robert Anderson, Oracle
Preserving Intelligent DITA Content Through Delivery Channels
Charles Andrews, Ovitas, Inc.
DITA: Beyond Tools
Bernard Aschwanden, Publishing Smarter
Trade-offs: The Pros and Cons of Moving to a DITA-based Content Architecture
Tracy Baker, Independent
Tables are dead, long live tables!
France Baril, Architextus
Herding Content – Content Management Reinvented
Sabine Bennett, Salesforce & Frank Miller, Ryffine
Building Capability Maturity to Achieve Content Strategy Success
Deb Bissantz, TransPerfect
Putting Darwin Back Into DITA With an Agile Evolution
Jean-Luc Borie & Frank Shipley, Componize Software
Making DITA Authoring “Easier”
Todd Burdin, Oberon Technologies
From Audit Spreadsheets to DITA-XML Pilot Project
Magda Caloian, Vestas Wind Systems
Enhancing DITA Publishing with Plugins
Radu Coravu, Syncro Soft/oXygen XML Editor
How to Build Learning and Training Resources with your Existing DITA Content
Stephani Clark, Jorsek Inc.
DITA: 15+ Years Old
Kris Eberlein, Eberlein Consulting
Applying DITA to the Next Generation of Health Information
Scott Farrar, Samar Guleria, & Lee Bryars, EBSCO & Joe Gollner, Gnostyx Research
Taming the Wild West of Release Notes with Markdown DITA
Debbie Femia, Tahzoo
Automating DITA files in Git for Translation to Multiple Languages
Todd Flaska & Olivier Libouban, Lingoport
Best Practices for Automated Conversions and Beyond
Bill Gearhart, Ryffine
Managing Too Many Versions in a Single Branch
Zoe Lawson, Casenet
XML Power – How Intel leverages the power of DITA & SVGs
Kresten McGrath, Intel
Giant Leap Forward – A Reusable DITA Adoption Plan Framework
Pam Noreault, SDL
Making DITA Sexy: How to get your migration budget
Rik Page, Bluestream
Content as a Service: Providing bite-sized chunks to be consumed through multiple interfaces
Patricia Ray, Teradata
Do You Want To Be A Player? There is a catch…
Tetsuya Sekine, InfoParse
DITA Writing and Editing Best Practices
Jean Tennille, NextGen Healthcare
Tips and Techniques For Handling Graphics When Transitioning To DITA
Bryan Tipper, Stilo International
(Even More) Considerations When Planning a DITA Migration: Advice from the front line
Brian Trombley, DCL & Brianna Stevens, Comtech Services
Trends in localization practices for next-gen DITA
Dominique Trouche, Whp