Welcome and Logistics
Dawn Stevens, CIDM Director
Keynote Presentation
Connecting Enterprise Teams through Content Strategy
Kristina Halvorson, Brain Traffic
Deliver Customer Success from the Outside In
Ted Wolff,
Danfoss Power Solutions
The Politics of Metrics
Sunny Yang, Adobe
Laura Bellamy, VMware
Jenifer Schlotfeldt, IBM
Amanda Washington,
Electronic Arts
What We Don’t Talk About: Unspoken Obstacles to Cross-Functional Content Efforts, and How to Overcome Them
Toni Mantych, ServiceNow
Word to Chatbot in Under an Hour
Chad Dybdahl, Adobe
The Position of Tech Comms in relation to Marketing and Support
Jill Orofino, Red Hat
Customizing the DITA Editing Experience in Oxygen XML Editor
Radu Coravu, Oxygen XML Editor
Tell Me What You Need: User Experience Design for Documentation
Carol Nugent, VMware
Becoming an Information-Enabled Organization
Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
Whose Content Is It Anyway
Tom Comerford, Supratext
Content Ryffiner Test Kitchen: Bake quality into your migration to DITA
Micaela Monroe, Ryffine
User-Centric Content: The future of technical writing
Katy Campion, Allscripts
Becoming a Data-Driven Documentation Team
Joe Gelb & Lawrence Orin, Zoomin
Cross-Functional Collaboration for Content Strategy
Kavitha Kandappan, AMD
Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right: Learn The Value Of Proper Deduplication
Helen St. Denis, Stilo International
Exploring Content Usefulness and Effectiveness Through Real-Time User Feedback
Michelle Takemoto & Katie Ott, ServiceNow
What I Learned From Data to Influence My Content Strategies Decisions
Jenifer Scholtfeldt, IBM

Research as a Common Denominator for Cross Collaborative Success
Mina Adame & Missy Yarbrough, IBM

Collaboration is the Key to Success
Vlad Khanin, NextGen Healthcare
XSL-FO and CSS: Two Paths, One Destination
Celina Huang, Antenna House

Make Your Metadata Great Again
Fabrice Lacroix, Fluid Topics


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