Whose Content Is It Anyway

Technical writers, subject-matter experts, marketing and sales teams, and information architects often hold nominally conflicting views of the ‘ownership’ of content. Differing views can create varying degrees of friction in the content creation process. This presentation uses anecdotes from real-world organizations that faced related issues, describing how the issues played out and how they were (or weren’t) resolved. Based on these experiences, I’ll propose a new way to think about ownership of content that can enhance collaboration in content production.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation is for various stakeholders in content creation and delivery. It aims to propose a mind-set about content that can foster better collaboration in content production.

Meet the presenter

Tom Comerford is senior consultant with Supratext, providing expertise in all aspects of the content lifecycle. He has worked with content technologies in various industry segments for three decades. His particular areas of interest are content quality and localization.

Tom’s experience with content engineering includes clients in manufacturing, financial services, education, and healthcare. He has assisted companies in optimizing their DITA implementations, including specialization and output formatting, to achieve productivity gains and a positive return on investment.

Tom is co-secretary of the OASIS XLIFF Technical Committee, which defines an XML standard for interchange of data for translation and localization, and formerly an adjunct instructor in technical communication at Temple University College of Engineering.

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