Word to Chatbot in Under an Hour

Leveraging content from legacy sources has never been this easy… or fun! Join us in the test kitchen as we give new life to content locked away in a Word document, from transformation to DITA, to wiring up a simple chat experience, to teaching our chatbot new and exciting things.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn strategies for leveraging existing or contributed unstructured content in a modern, API-driven experience.

Meet the presenter

Chad Dybdahl is a Solutions Consultant for Technical Communication at Adobe.

With more than a decade of experience in structured authoring, he helps organizations around the world craft a vision for their content strategy with an eye towards future delivery platforms.

Chad lives in Wisconsin with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with home automation, restoring vintage hifi equipment, and gardening.

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