Collaboration is the Key to Success

It is easy to talk about concepts like Collaboration. It is much harder to actually get people to do it. People naturally dislike change and working with “someone” from a different team/group/department/location/newly acquired company is one of the changes that most people naturally are reluctant to make. Another potential roadblock to establishing and promoting collaboration is the innate fear of knowledge sharing – e.g. if I keep all the knowledge to myself, I am indispensable to the team/company. Without willingness to share knowledge, working with others through a collaborative process will be limited at best. There are other natural impediments to building a real culture of collaboration.

In this presentation I will talk about how establishing a focus on now just WHAT we do but HOW we do it, both in terms of every contributor understanding the importance of both and management working to develop their employees to balance the two sides of performance. The HOW we get to the WHAT is the foundation of establishing and evolving the culture necessary for true comprehensive and unfiltered collaboration.

In addition I will present some thoughts and ideas on how to build better collaboration by employing the right tools as well as establishing the right processes.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Collaboration is one of the key elements for success regardless of what you do and how you do it. It is easy to preach the idea, but you need a good strategy to get people to actually collaborate with each other. Audience will learn key aspects from engagement to promotion to utilization of tools and building processes to improve collaboration.

Meet the presenter

As a director of User Assistance at NextGen Healthcare, Vlad’s focus is on continuously developing and implementing the right content strategy that meets NextGen’s business needs and more importantly provides value to the users. Currently, Vlad’s team is moving forward with a new (to them) DITA based Oxygen/Bitbucket toolchain where the focus is on content developed on principles of minimalism, user-centricity and most of all making user experience as seamless as possible.

With 25 years of experience in information development, Vlad has been focused on building and leading teams for the past 10 years working across multiple product lines, locations and continents.

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