Content Ryffiner Test Kitchen: Bake quality into your migration to DITA

Ryffine introduces the Content Ryffiner, the automated content quality dashboard. Content Ryffiner allows you to convert various types of source content to DITA, and provides an up-to-date analysis of the content quality.

Come test drive the Content Ryffiner and see how you can use it to:
Get a sense of the amount of work and/or cleanup required for your future DITA conversion
Provide continuous quality and health checks on your DITA content, alerting you to problems, and automatically taking immediate corrective action where necessary
Write simple transformation rules to ensure your DITA content conforms to your content model, to reduce the amount of manual cleanup, and to ensure DITA content developers continue to follow best practices

Bring your own Docbook, Microsoft Word, or DITA content and run it through our secure Content Ryffiner (Content Ryffiner leverages Amazon AWS). Or, convert sample content that we provide you.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will benefit two camps:

– The group that wants to learn about what is involved in a DITA conversion and understand the types of automation they can apply to achieve various levels of content maturity.
– The group that wants to perform quality checks on existing DITA content and automate correcting those issues where possible.

Meet the presenter

Micaela Monroe is a Content Strategist at Ryffine. She has been serving in the industry since 2014, working closely with large companies and software engineers to implement DITA in new and creative ways.

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