Deliver Customer Success from the Outside In

To meet a customer’s information needs requires us to deeply understand — and meet — the customer’s definition of success. Customer success depends on understanding two key points:

1. The customer experience begins long before first contact and well after a purchase

2. The customer’s real needs are much deeper than just buying and setting up a product/service
If we fail to learn and practice these key points, our customers will find better options, and our competitors will take our place.
So how do we understand where the customer experience begins, and how do we know what our customers’ real needs are?
We’ll start by learning that we don’t discover the answers to these questions in our own corner of information development. Instead, we start by engaging our customers, as well as the other parts of our business, such as our friends in Marketing, Customer Experience, Engineering, Sales, Customer Support.

Then we’ll get hands-on in this session with some tools to discover where our customers’ experience begins and how to discover their needs from an outside-in perspective. So then we can take these tools back to our organizations and use them with our friends in other parts of the company to ensure we capture the entire customer journey and develop cross-functional alignment.

What can the audience expect to learn?

The audience will learn and practice how to use two key tools to define their organization’s customer experience and define what is their customer’s successful outcome. But learning tools is not enough. Audience members will also develop a plan to engage other parts of their company with these tools to align their organizations around improving customer experience.

Meet the presenter


Theodore Wolff has a decade of experience in technical documentation across hydraulic machinery manufacturing, semiconductors, and agriculture machinery. He is currently the global team leader for technical documentation at Danfoss Power Solutions where his team helps to engineer a sustainable tomorrow. At Danfoss, Theodore has led a team out of the desktop publishing world and into the topic-based world of DITA. Now he and his team are turning their attention to helping their organization make a shift to a customer-focused mindset.

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