Escape Room

Everyone’s excited about the new product your company has recently announced! But it couldn’t have come at a worse time for your documentation team who is in the middle of converting to a new authoring environment. Do you have what it takes to:
·     Unravel the expectations of your users?
·     Decode the cryptic notes from your SMEs and specification documents?
·     Gain access to the product to test what you’ve written?
·     Configure your new authoring environment?
·     Navigate the review comments from your editorial team?

·     Publish in multiple formats and languages?

Your deadline looms! Can you release before time runs out? Join us in CIDM’s custom-designed virtual escape room on Tuesday, September 22 at 20:00 EDT and race against other teams to see who can publish first! Compete for prizes and bragging rights. Come with a pre-formed team or be randomly grouped with others.

Not in the US? Too late for you to play? Form your own team and meet together in a meeting platform of your choice at a time that works for you. Contact us to register your team and get the game link. Game not available until Sunday, September 20 and must be completed by 11:00 EDT on Wednesday, September 23, when winners will be announced.

Note: The game requires one team member to download a mobile phone app in which to enter codes, get hints (with time penalties), and move to the next challenge. The appropriate link will be provided as part of the game’s orientation.