Morning Stretch: The Future of Technical Documentation
Facilitated by Dawn Stevens, Comtech Services, Inc.
How Jane Says, Does, Feels, and Thinks about Docs
This panel includes: a content strategist, design researcher, and 2 designers: Jenifer Schlotfeldt, Mallory Anderson, Mina Adame, Missy Yarbrough
The Rise of Taxonomy: What you need to know today
Lief Erickson, Scriptorium
Designing the Information Experience to Drive Customer Success
Pat Burrows &
Kimberly Andersson,
Rocket Software
PTC Arbortext Solutions Tips & Tricks
Scott Thompson, PTC
Terminology and Taxonomy as Foundations for Content Strategy
Ben Colburn, Nutanix &
Val Swisher, Content Rules
Turning Tunnels Into Windows: Achieving a personalized, unified digital experience
Megan Gilhooly, Zoomin Software
Publishing Made Easy – Automating DITA Content from Adobe Experience Manager with Typefi and InDesign
Chris Hausler, Typefi
It Takes a Village
Angela Browne, SAP
SEO for Docs: Measure and improve Search Engine Optimization without selling
Johanna Bryman, Teradata
Integrating Portals to Improve Customer Experience
Dana Aubin, Allscripts
Miramo Automated Publishing Experience
Joanne Hannagen & Corinna Kinchin, Datazone
Problem-Finding as Content Strategy: Applying design thinking to the enterprise content problem
Chris Hibbard & Edwina Lui, Tahzoo
Embracing Intelligent and Relevant Content for Customers
Chip Gettinger, SDL
Dynamic Documentation Delivery
Miles Gilster & Neeraj Bhatia, Guidewire
Now We’re Cookin’!
Hannah Kaufhold, Congree
Cheat, Borrow, Steal: How to build and scale a successful design practice
Colin Budd, IBM
Content as a Service: Providing bite-sized chunks to be consumed through multiple interfaces
Patricia Ray, Teradata
Journey to Enterprise Content Delivery
Dianne Stevens & Ryan Shubert, Commscope
Tips & Tricks
Sharon Figueira, IXIASOFT
Break the Shackles of Content Types: Care about experiences
Divraj Singh, Adobe
From Archaic Silos to End-to-End Digital Delivery: A story of content strategy
Kathy Clemens,
Automation Anywhere
Adventures in Evolving Content Strategy
Rick Teplitz, Imperva
Preparing Your Content for Intelligent Machines
Joyce Lam, Precision Content
The Crossroads of Change Management & Content Strategy
Tara Knapp,
Lincoln Financial Group
Lessons Learned from My Corporate Gig as a Content Strategist
Debra Kahn, DK Consulting
How We Turned Customers into Users (or Believers): A Planifi case study
Swapnil Ogale, iCreateDocs


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