Integrating Portals to Improve Customer Experience

In mid-2019, Allscripts introduced a new portal for clients and employees to access product documentation. This product documentation portal was part of a larger client portal experience, so a seamless experience was important. Accomplishing this meant collaborating with internal partners and our documentation portal vendor to set up:
–  Single sign-on (SSO) – SSO gives clients who have signed on to the client portal access to the product documentation portal without having to sign on again.
–  Preferences – Preferences are shared between the client portal and the product documentation portal, enabling clients to choose the products they want to see on their documentation homepage.
–  Integrated search – Integrated search enables clients to search for product documentation while outside the product documentation portal. Also, with the new topic-based search, clients see specific topics rather than entire guides in PDF form.
–  Personalized documentation – With SSO and shared preferences, clients see only their products on the product documentation homepage. Clients can subscribe to notifications about updated documentation and create custom libraries to organize their content.

In late 2019, a new client portal went live, offering more opportunities for integration, including one-click access to the documentation portal and promoting documentation and release notes on the product menu giving clients direct access to their most requested documentation type.

In 2020, we will continue to improve the client experience with more usability testing, more personalized content with in-product help, and exploring additional opportunities to integrate the client portal and product documentation portal.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Working on this project over the last year and a half has inspired me to think creatively and not let the current restrictions of a tool or limitations of my ability to stop me from reaching out to others to help create a solution that exceeds our clients demands. I think that sharing our story will inspire others.

Meet the presenter

Dana Aubin is an Expert Technical Writer at Allscripts, LLC, a healthcare IT company. In addition to working with developers and clinicians to create quality content for multiple software products, Dana is part of the technical tools team in the Documentation Center of Excellence. She serves as the backup administrator to the product documentation portal, which she helped to implement. Although she still considers herself a DITA novice since diving into it last year, Dana enjoys learning new things and has immersed herself in the world of structured content. In her free time, she enjoys learning French, teaching her old dog to do new tricks, and experimenting with 100 ways to cook an egg.


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