Cheat, Borrow, Steal: How to build and scale a successful design practice

Building a sustainable, scalable, and successful design practice is no easy feat. In this talk, learn the real techniques, tricks, and best-in-class methods for forming a true, human-centered design practice that organically grows and transforms your business. Anecdotes and insights from in-field learnings that helped countless companies (from startups to Fortune 500s) build and grow their own sustainable design cultures will ensure that everyone – no matter their role/industry/team/company or perceived barriers – is able to bring the same transformative practices into their own worlds. You may have to cheat, borrow, steal, but that’s all part of the game!

What can the audience expect to learn?

Through this session, the audience will gain deep insight into the real lessons-learned in helping organizations of all size (from freelancers and startups to large corporations and enterprises) transform to be truly human-centric (and not just “metric-centric”). Attendees will gain the very real/actionable tips, techniques, and practices needed to build a human-centered design practice and achieve culture change!

Meet the presenter

With a restless drive to innovate powered by an interdisciplinary background in design, technology, business, and psychology, Colin focuses on creating forward-thinking solutions across domains (Blockchain, AI, Cloud, etc.) which seek to solve the often unseen, higher-level problems latent in our world and the technologies we use everyday.
As a Global Design Strategist with the IBM Garage, Colin assists clients worldwide in transforming their offerings, industries, and cultures through a user-centric focus, mindset towards what could be, and passion for empowering others to do the right thing – not just the easy thing.
From kickstarting startups to leading large-scale design transformations with Fortune 500 companies, Colin continuously seeks the exciting, discipline-crossing challenges involved in his work that require him to wear a wide arrange of hats – be it a business strategist, developer, researcher, designer, or other – at any given moment. Most of all, he enjoys helping and empowering others in order to bring even the most incredible, future-forward visions to life.

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