Designing the Information Experience to Drive Customer Success

Every company that produces hardware and software has “creating the best possible customer experience”, or something similar, as a goal. Information is a pillar of the customer experience and Rocket Software has launched an effort to align the efforts of the under-resourced UX and ID groups across business units through the formation of a Design guild. This presentation will share how the Design guild organized and aligned UX and ID efforts, defined and prioritized initiatives, began building a user research practice, and integrated the principles of good design and information development to drive change and improve the overall customer experience.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will answer the what, why and how of aligning UX and ID, as well as the challenges and pros and cons. The audience will take away some ideas for consideration in working with their UX and UI design functions to improve their own information development processes, build best practices for product-based informational content, and/or drive change and an

Meet the presenters

Pat Burrows’ career spans the full arc of our industry in various roles from Technical Writer to Manager to Director and Consultant. Working in both high tech and the scientific industries, Pat has led multiple global teams in both content development and information architecture and has helped small companies and large corporations “think inside the box” about the creation and delivery of their content. Her expertise is in change management and leading shifts in mindset for structured authoring and digital experience, motivating teams to deliver future-state results, and shaping the intricate politics that can define the direction of information development.

Kimberly Andersson: Bio Coming Soon

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