From Archaic Silos to End-to-End Digital Delivery: A story of content strategy

Many leaders of content development teams have little or no content strategy, or have experienced setbacks that negatively impact their content strategy. This case study outlines the approaches we used toward people, process, tools, and content at Automation Anywhere to build a content strategy from nothing, and to scale with our evolving business needs.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Building a content strategy doesn’t have to be intimidating, and doesn’t happen all at once. Despite setbacks, the results are worth the effort to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Meet the presenter

Kathy is a passionate leader of content development teams. From her work at companies like SAP and ServiceNow, she’s developed a wealth of experience delivering content solutions that support product users along their entire journey. Kathy puts that experience to good use in her current role as Director of Product Documentation at Automation Anywhere, where she has built an amazing team that produces content that supports users of some of the most innovative software in the market. 


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