Turning Tunnels Into Windows: Achieving a personalized, unified digital experience

All content teams aim to create great customer experiences with their content, and many have data to suggest they’ve succeeded. Yet, customers are still unsatisfied.

In this session, Megan Gilhooly, VP Customer Experience at Zoomin, discusses constantly increasing customer expectations for personalized content experience, shares the unintended consequences of exposing content silos to customers, and provides practical advice for solving the issue. Spoiler alert: you probably won’t like the answer, but you need to hear it!

What can the audience expect to learn?

1. Understand the importance of a unified, personalized customer experience with content
2. Discover how your organization might not be creating the experience customers desire
3. Learn the most important step in overcoming siloed content experiences.

Meet the presenter

As VP Customer Experience at Zoomin Software, Megan Gilhooly has made it her mission to change how organizations think about product content. Prior to this role, Megan spent two decades managing content teams, driving content strategy, and delivering stellar information experiences at companies like Amazon, Ping Identity, and INVIDI Technologies. Her experience includes streamlining content for Support, Sales, Product, and Marketing. As a former online retail business owner and Certified Scrum Master, Megan brings a unique perspective to managing information development and content strategy. She has a BA in Speech Communication, an MS in Journalism, an MS in Strategic Management, and a Masters Certificate in Technical Communication.

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