Problem-Finding as Content Strategy: Applying design thinking to the enterprise content problem

Have you ever been tasked with fixing your organization’s “Content Problem?” As enterprises grapple with the evolutionary pains of modernizing and future-proofing their content operations, content teams must find a way to ready themselves for a world that is data-driven, AI-powered, mobile-first, multichannel, predictive/adaptive/personalized, and powered by unicorns. Teams faced with this challenge must wade through the ocean of possibilities to find the right solution – but have they identified the right problem?
Chris and Edwina will present uses cases from real work with real clients to demonstrate how Tahzoo practices design thinking as a content strategy – helping clients to identify the right problems to solve and the right solutions to apply.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Use cases and real-world examples of:
– the evolution of an organization’s initially stated problem to the problem they needed to solve
– how design thinking refines the problem statement and focuses the work of solutioning
– how content strategy, information architecture, and technology work together in a design thinking methodology

Meet the presenters

Chris leads the Content Strategy consulting practice at Tahzoo. He is an interdisciplinary practitioner and serves as a client partner and trusted advisor by providing thought leadership, solution vision, and business rationale for enterprise digital strategies and solutions. As a team leader, his recent work includes personalized employee knowledge portals, student engagement apps, global brand micro-sites, and streaming retail promotions serving mobile apps and in-store displays. Chris lives in Seattle and is an avid golfer.



Edwina is a content strategist and information architect with 13 years’ experience thinking about all things content. As a Senior Content Strategist at Tahzoo, she works with cross-functional teams to design and implement content, processes, and solutions that empower users throughout the content ecosystem. A firm believer in the power of content reuse, Edwina can often be found remixing recipes in her Brooklyn kitchen.

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