The Crossroads of Change Management & Content Strategy

Change management takes care of the people side of change—emphasizing the customer journey and how this journey requires collaboration across communications, training, and content strategy to achieve an optimal end-user experience.  Although vital to the successful of change management, content strategy is an often-overlooked component.  This session explores the crossroads between these two disciplines within a current large-scale project and how the principles of content strategy inform and engage customer advocacy.  

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees will learn the interdependencies between content strategy and change management from a practical usage perspective.  This session will highlight how leveraging the basics of content strategy—content development, usability, personas, journey maps—can lead to better tool adoption and customer satisfaction through the lens of an existing large-scale technology project.

Meet the presenter

Tara Knapp has over 20 years’ experience in change management, content strategy, and communications.  As an AVP for Change Management and Communication at Lincoln Financial Group, she creates and fosters environments in which continuous improvement and innovation in business processes, systems and technology are welcomed and recognized while always emphasizing the human aspect.  She specializes in change readiness and adoption, stakeholder management, process optimization, and customer experience. 


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