SEO for Docs: Measure and improve Search Engine Optimization without selling

If you have come across the subject of search engine optimization, you have probably discovered that most concepts relate to marketing and sales. Learn how Teradata redefined what SEO means to our documentation, how it relates to our business goals, and how we went from novice to experts in just one year.
In this presentation, we’ll share practical ways to measure and manage findability for large volumes of enterprise content. We will cover different aspects of SEO, including technical and content improvements. Being a long-time DITA shop, we will also talk about how we implemented SEO in DITA.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Get practical advice and learn scalable practices for SEO for large volumes of technical documentation, including legacy content and multiple releases. Understand why you need to invest in SEO, and what the opportunities are when you do.

Meet the presenter

Johanna Bryman, Director of Information Engineering at Teradata, has 15+ years of experience with technical writing and managing teams working in a DITA environment. Johanna currently directs a team of writers, architects, and content delivery experts, with a focus on content modernization.

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