How We Turned Customers into Users (or Believers): A Planifi case study

Planifi products have been built from the ground up to help Architecture and Engineering (A/E) firms make better decisions. Visual, intuitive, and flexible – Planifi products are optimized for A/E operations and practices.
In this case study, we will look at how Planifi worked with a technical writer remotely to document their suite of project management tools targeted particularly at project managers and architects.
We look at how the content went from being field/screen level to task-based and how other content (hover image, videos) replaced and complemented text based on customer feedback. Some of this help content was initially used by Planifi founders for training customers, so it made sense to make it as streamlined as possible for multiple uses – product help, training and customer support.


What can the audience expect to learn?

This talk will give the audience something to think about content reuse and how it can help with delivering a consistent message across different customer channels.

Meet the presenter

Swapnil is a Technical Writer with over 13 years of experience across a range of industries in Australia. He also moonlights on remote writing projects, providing expertise on technical documentation for startups and niche organisations. He is currently assisting the GeoNetwork open source project with documentation needs as part of the Google Season of Docs 2019.
Swapnil initiated the Write the Docs community in Australia in 2016. He is fortunate enough to live in one of the world’s most liveable cities – Melbourne, Australia. While not thinking about documentation, you can find him travelling, feeling the crisp air in his face riding a bicycle, or building a mini library by visiting bookshops and book-fairs.

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