Content as a Service: Providing bite-sized chunks to be consumed through multiple interfaces

Being able to generate output for different delivery methods is great, but what if you turn that upside down, and offer popular content as a service for multiple interfaces and purposes, and leave the incorporation to the dev teams?

Teradata introduced Content as a Service for our very popular analytics function reference content. Single sourced in DITA with our traditional Reference Guide, we exported and transformed appropriate sections into a neutral format, to be used in two separate interfaces, and counting.

Learn about the content transformation and automation behind the service, and how we worked cross-functionally to quickly provide a significantly improved product and content experience for our customers.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn how Teradata uses Content as a Service to quickly scale content delivery to meet multiple needs at once, while enabling real-time updates to in-product content. Understand the simple architecture behind our CaaS delivery form, and how we processed our DITA source to provide content that is helpful in a variety of situations.

Meet the presenter

Patricia Ray, an exceptionally tech-savvy Information Architect, specializes in generating technical content for traditional and leading-edge platforms. Her superpowers include tinkering with development tools to improve existing systems and build new, innovative processes.

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