Break the Shackles of Content Types: Care about experiences

Content in an organization is owned by multiple stakeholders – from writers to marketers, and from strategists to developers. Hence, content is often authored in various formats based on each team’s preferences and priorities. In an ideal world, we only want to care about delivering context-aware, scalable omnichannel experiences without worry about content authoring formats. A CCMS powered with a strong content ingestion framework can help break these shackles of content types and enable the move towards a standard authoring framework thus empowering Omnichannel experience integration

What can the audience expect to learn?

Join this session and learn to use a DITA CCMS to:
• Import legacy content (Word, HTML, InDesign, XML, Markdown, etc.) and convert it to structured content
• Help align content, design, governance and systems across the customer journey
• Deliver omnichannel experiences with publishing beyond PDF, HTML5, Mobile Apps and Website
• Implement content-as-a-service and leverage next-generation capabilities like

Meet the presenter

Divraj Singh is a Senior Solution Consultant at Adobe, headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA.
As a Senior Solution Consultant at Adobe, Divraj Singh leads consulting for Adobe’s CCMS offering – XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. Divraj has over 13 years of software development and technical management experience. He is a seasoned expert in the field of content management with experience of working on various WCMS systems and enterprise solutions. He has worked on various software products spanning different technologies involving mobile-web, analytics, personalization, social applicable to several domains like finance, marketing, retail, and healthcare.


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