Adventures in Evolving Content Strategy

This session reviews the evolution of Imperva’s content strategy that transformed a ragtag mashup of disparate content in various formats, spread across a number of locations and managed by various teams, into a single, central entity indexed, publicly available and easy to use. It talks about how we defined a single taxonomy across our expanding product base and integrated SEO principles to transform our new public documentation portal into a top company web asset with the second highest amount of traffic in the organization.  And reviews the collaboration and tools that continue to play key roles in fine tuning the documentation portal to create a recognized and valued enterprise asset.

What can the audience expect to learn?

You’ll learn how to develop an integrated documentation portal that can consume output from multiple help authoring tools, and serve multiple user bases, intuitively enabling users to identify and drill down on content relevant to them and serve them in a single, branded and unified front end.

Meet the presenter

Rick Teplitz is the Manager of Technical Writing at Imperva, a leader in application and data cyber security on-Premises, in the cloud and in hybrid deployments. He has almost 20 years of experience in driving change and evolving both processes and infrastructure , and has led the evolution of Imperva’s content strategy through growth and disruption. 


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