Company Overview

Bluestream has developed XDocs DITA CCMS – the leading single vendor solution for companies who want to improve and enhance their information workflow, whatever their industry. A ‘standards’ compliant single-sourcing solution – XDocs enables everyone within the organization to create, manage, store and intelligently publish large volumes of both XML and non-XML content.

Unrivalled functionality and open APIs enables XDocs to solve any technical content challenge. XDocs integrates with XML Authoring Tools and has powerful metadata management. APIs connect XDocs to almost any other system including ERP, PLM and CRM. XDocs is the first DITA CCMS with ‘Parts Aware’ capability enabling the creation of Bills of Material and Illustrated Parts Catalogues for multichannel delivery. XDocs also provides flexible workflow and localization control and as a result, teams of authors create powerful user-focused content and deliver it to every device and platform.

Needs Met, Strengths, or Differentiators

  • A flexible and extensible DITA CCMS with comprehensive open APIs.
  • A complete single vendor solution including the dynamic delivery of content using our own portal technology.
  • Market leading Branch, Merge and Release Management.
  • Unprecedented control over the localization process
  • The first CCMS with ‘parts aware’ capability enabling the creation of Bills of Material and Illustrated Parts Lists.

A sampling of Companies Customers

  • College Board
  • Xerox
  • Shimano

Representatives attending ConVEx

Questions Attendees Should Ask us when Visiting our Booth or Slack Channel

  • How can subject matter experts collaborate on/create content?
  • What does ‘parts aware’ mean?
  • How have Bluestream enhanced the localization process?

Promos & Raffles

  • Daily gift card giveaway for engaging with our slack

Interesting Trivia

  • The name Bluestream stems from CTO Jim Tivy’s love of the great outdoors and canoeing.
  • Rik Page is a qualified archery instructor in the UK.

General Info

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