Company Overview

Founded in 1998, IXIASOFT is a trusted leader in component content management software (CCMS). Our award-winning, end-to-end product IXIASOFT CCMS provides an innovative and enterprise-class platform to Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

IXIASOFT CCMS is used by industry leaders like Mastercard, SAP®, ADP, Ericsson, and Komatsu. The CCMS is effective in decreasing localization costs, improving collaboration between SMEs and reviewers, and producing coherent, personalized technical content to customers. Our solution is accessed by thousands of users in a variety of vertical markets, including software, semiconductors, medical device manufacturing. IXIASOFT CCMS is one of the only 100% DITA-compliant CCMSs among the market’s leading platforms.

Needs Met, Strengths, or Differentiators

  • IXIASOFT offers a scalable and flexible enterprise-class CCMS that adapts and grows with organizations’ needs.
  • The CCMS provides a highly intuitive interface for all users, and facilitates the collaboration between DITA and non-DITA users, like SMEs and reviewers, and information architects and tech writers.
  • IXIASOFT CCMS is a flexible publishing engine that provides tailored and highly personalized content to customers.
  • IXIASOFT is an active member in the OASIS DITA Committee and DITA community, attending and contributing to a variety of international conferences, and hosting our own techcomm webinar: IXIAtalks.
  • IXIASOFT has teams on the ground in Europe, North America, and Japan, and caters to internationally recognized companies in all three regions. We are constantly developing new and innovative add-ons to help businesses streamline the technical communication process.

A sampling of Companies Customers

  • SAP
  • Mastercard
  • Ericsson

Representatives attending ConVEx

Questions Attendees Should Ask us when Visiting our Booth or Slack Channel

  • How does IXIASOFT CCMS allow non-DITA users to easily collaborate in contributing and reviewing content?
  • How does IXIASOFT CCMS support the documentation of multiple products across multiple release cycles?
  • How does the CCMS support the localization process?
  • What are our latest features, and how do we work with our customers to adapt and improve the CCMS?

Promos & Raffles

  • IXIASOFT is planning to host a contest which prize will aim at supporting an international charity organization.
  • SWAG giveaway: coasters
  • Online social sessions: drinks at dawn

Interesting Trivia

  • Montreal, home of IXIASOFT, can go up to in the summer 100 F and can be as cold as -25 F in the winter
  • DITA is a sophisticated and exotic premium liquor that captures the luscious flavor of the fragrant Asian lychee in a remarkably smooth “East meets West” fusion.
  • Leigh, IXIASOFT’s DITA Specialist also has great talent for woodworking.
  • Members of IXIASOFT team went to Costa Rica in February for our annual work-abroad experience, a great team-building experience!

General Info

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