Company Overview

SDL (LSE: SDL) is the global leader in content management and translation technology and services. 90 of the top 100 global companies work with SDL.

SDL Tridion Docs provides streamlined end-to-end component content management. It includes easy web-based authoring, reviewing, versioning, translation, and publication management, underpinned by the DITA XML standard. As a true collaborative environment with a familiar Microsoft Word-style interface, subject matter experts (SMEs) in your organization can contribute their knowledge. Authors and reviewers can work simultaneously in the same document providing comments to each other, tracking and merging changes.

SDL Tridion Docs supports global enterprise use cases including single sourcing, product documentation, learning and training, policies and procedures, and efficient translations with delivery to multiple end points such as documents, PDFs, knowledge portals, websites, apps, chatbots, and IoT devices.

Needs Met, Strengths, or Differentiators

  • Unified Collaboration for distributed teams
  • Semantic AI for hyper effective content findability and search
  • Dynamic delivery of content on any channel
  • Integrated translations out of box
  • End to end componentized or modular content management

A sampling of Companies Customers

  • California Casualty
  • Philipps
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Representatives attending ConVEx

Questions Attendees Should Ask us when Visiting our Booth or Slack Channel

  • How can I improve and impact my department’s/organizations content findability problem?
  • How can I reduce costs without sacrificing quality when offerings go to market faster than before?
  • How can I make support desks 100% more efficient than before or even eliminate them completely?

Promos & Raffles

  • Daily gift card giveaway for engaging with our slack

Interesting Trivia

  • Chip Gettinger is a trained typographer and can identify the names of many common fonts. and when he graduated high school, he was voted most likely to succeed by his classmates.
  • Jörg Schmidt is trying to see every Caravaggio painting that’s publicly available and work through his university days as projectionist in a movie theatre and nowadays love my home theatre
  • Pam Noreault was a competitive baton twirler as a child and has climbed nearly every mountain in Acadia National Park.
  • Sara Pawlowic lives with 4 dogs & reads A LOT of zombie books. Grr Arrgh!

General Info

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