Company Overview

Stilo develops tools to help organizations automate the conversion of content to XML, author new content in XML format, and build XML content processing components integral to enterprise-level publishing solutions. Stilo supports commercial publishers, technology companies and government agencies around the world.

Needs Met, Strengths, or Differentiators

  • Conversion Automation: With the use of our unique rules editor you can modify and refine your conversion rules, ensuring high quality & consistent conversion results each time.
  • Secure Migration: Using our self-serve migration portal, you can ensure that your information remains safe & secure during the migration process.
  • Pay-As-You-Use: Maintain better control over your budget & expenses when converting to DITA using our credit-based payment system.
  • Simplified DITA Authoring: Our AuthorBridge product is a low-cost, full-feature, easy-to-use, web XML editing tool that requires no previous knowledge of DITA or XML.
  • Deduplication: Significantly reduce the amount of content that needs to be maintained or translated on an ongoing basis by deduplicating your DITA using our OptimizeR tool.

A sampling of Companies Customers

  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Applied Materials

Representatives attending ConVEx

Questions Attendees Should Ask us when Visiting our Booth or Slack Channel

  • How do I get started with Migrate’s Free Conversion Offer?
  • How does the deduplication tool (OptimizeR) work?
  • Can I see an AuthorBridge demo?

Interesting Trivia

  • Where does the company name Stilo come from? It is named for Ancient Roman grammarian. “Aelius Stilo, (born 154 bc, Lanuvium, near Rome—died 74 bc, Rome?), first systematic student, critic, and teacher of Latin philology and literature and of the antiquities of Rome and Italy.”

General Info

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