Company Overview

Zoomin is transforming how companies and their customers gain value from documentation. By innovating the way users find and experience content, Zoomin helps customers find the answers they need while empowering support agents to deliver fast, relevant and effortless support.

Zoomin helps global enterprises turn their documentation into a critical business asset that supports every part of the customer journey. By turning valuable but hard-to-find content into personalized and contextually relevant Product Answers, these companies are dramatically improving the self-service experience, reducing support costs, and driving customer loyalty.

Zoomin’s intelligent platform ingests all your content, from manuals to API docs to support articles, and delivers it as a unified and consistent source of Product Answers wherever your customers are looking, including your documentation portal, inside your product, in your service cloud, or community.

Needs Met, Strengths, or Differentiators

  • Unified content: Zoomin automatically unifies all your structured and unstructured product documentation to turn key customer touchpoints into consistent, personalized sources of information.
  • Actionable Analytics: Zoomin’s integrated analytics engine lets administrators monitor content performance, measure business-critical self-service KPIs, and key successes. Refine your data-driven strategy and boost productivity by locating outdated or unhelpful content, areas of friction, and content gaps.
  • Precision Search & Intuitive Navigation: Zoomin continuously synthesizes product documentation from all your authoring tools and systems, and applies a unified taxonomy and dynamic workflows, allowing users to intuitively explore your content.
  • Empowered community: By embedding product content inline, users can search across all your content without leaving your community, while proactive content suggestions deflect support cases. Zoomin’s Salesforce and ServiceNow apps turn your community into the most comprehensive destination for personalized answers.
  • Resolve cases: Zoomin offers agents real-time guidance by analyzing each case and recommending relevant documentation solutions to share with customers without leaving your Salesforce ServiceCloud or ServiceNow agent console.

A sampling of Companies Customers

  • Mastercard
  • Docusign
  • McAfee

Representatives attending ConVEx

Questions Attendees Should Ask us when Visiting our Booth or Slack Channel

  • Get Content Therapy and solve your content woes. After an awful year of biblical proportions, we’re all going to need some major therapy! While we can’t help you overcome the trauma of lock-down claustrophobia, we can offer you some Content Therapy! Come rest your weary souls on our virtual therapist couch in our Content Therapy channel and tell us what’s on your mind. Whatever your content woes, be they big or small, our Content Therapists Joe Gelb and Lawrence Orin will use their decades of content strategy experience to advise you and help you find your path to recovery. A problem shared is a problem halved!
  • Ask us how unifying and personalizing your technical content across key channels can help you deflect unnecessary support cases, lower support costs, improve your team’s productivity and meet your company’s business goals.
  • Find out how our new actionable analytics engine can boost your team’s efficiency by using data to reveal where your users are struggling with content, what kind of content gaps you have and which of your content is performing the best so you can prioritize updates and deliver the content your users need.

What promos / raffles will you have during ConVEx?

  • Content Catharsis: Share your worst content experience of all time and win amazing prizes!
    It’s said that an expert is someone who has made all the possible mistakes which can be made within their field. With such rich experience among this high-calibre audience we’re sure we all have some war stories to share – and the scars to prove it! Join our Content Catharsis channel and share your most mortifying mishap, excruciating experience or facepalming faux pas. If your story is crowned the Best Worst Story of all time you will win an incredible Oculus Quest VR headset! Now that’s going to make quarantine a lot more fun! Our runner-up will win noise cancelling Bose headphones with Alexa voice control, so you can boost your working from home productivity. Click Here!
  • The first 30 companies to sign up for a Zoomin demo will receive an Echo Dot!
    Come by our virtual exhibit booth and book a demo with a member of our team to see how Zoomin can help you meet your business goals, resolve key challenges and elevate your content strategy and user experience. But hurry! The first 30 demos booked will receive an awesome Echo Dot speaker. Click here!

Interesting Trivia

  • Joe Gelb flew to Rwanda to meet his wife just before the civil war exploded there and airlifted her back to Israel where they became engaged. She subsequently wrote a book about their story.
  • The languages spoken by people in Lawrence Orin’s home include: English, Hebrew, Russian, German, Japanese, Arabic, and French
  • Megan Gilhooly trained in Muay Thai in Thailand and played professional women’s football for the Colorado Valkyries

General Info

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