Your CEO will Google Your Documentation

When Teradata rolled out our shiny new dynamic documentation website in 2018, we knew that our documentation landscape would change–just not how much or how quickly.

What happens when the honeymoon is over, the CEO starts googling your docs on the weekends, and you realize you suddenly own the company’s largest web entity? And what about all those PDFs?

Join us as we share our journey and lessons learned after moving from PDF downloads to web-based dynamic delivery. We’ll walk you through the peaks and valleys, and provide suggestions for how to be proactive and avoid firefighting.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation reflects upon the biggest changes to expect after making the switch to modern delivery methods. We’ll discuss new concepts to master, processes to consider, and most importantly the changing role of documentation within the business.

Meet the presenter

Johanna Bryman, Director of Information Engineering at Teradata, has 15+ years of experience with technical writing and managing teams working in a DITA environment.  Johanna currently directs a team of writers, architects, and content delivery experts, with a focus on content modernization.


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