Supporting the Content Delivery Needs of Manufacturing and Service Teams

Using multiple customer examples this presentation examines how large engineering companies dynamically deliver content to improve the efficiency of their Manufacturing and Field Service teams.

Focusing on typical content types (e.g. Work instructions, parts catalogues, safety procedures, etc) we examine how delivery is integrated with Change Management and Maintenance management/scheduling applications. We show how to support the creation and moderation of supplementary content within the delivery environment. We also show how to enable users to acknowledge important content while tracking and reporting those acknowledgements.

The presentation also discusses the challenge of supporting content delivery for users who need to work offline (e.g Field Service, Sales, etc). This includes access to offline access content while retaining functions normally only available online, including capturing and syncing supplementary content created while offline.

What can the audience expect to learn?

In this presentation you’ll learn key techniques and considerations for:
1. Preparing your content for smart delivery to Manufacturing and Field Service teams
2. Enabling user contributions within the delivery environment.
3. Integration with maintenance management and change management systems
4. Taking content offline efficiently while keeping it in sync, and the reasons customers need this capability.

Meet the presenter

Joe Girling’s 17 years with Adobe Systems, Frame Technology and Interleaf combined with his aerospace engineering background, have exposed him to many content delivery challenges. He brings a unique perspective to planning and implementing dynamic content delivery solutions for internal teams within the manufacturing and engineering industries.


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