Driving One Story for Your Customers!

ServiceNow is expanding at lightning speed! And with that growth comes a bottoms up environment of creating pockets of content teams all across the company.  All of these groups strive to provide the best content for our customers but lack a unified approach. This is not an uncommon experience in many of today’s companies. Come learn how the largest of these teams, ServiceNow’s Product Content organization, is working to intentionally collaborate with all customer-facing content teams to ensure a consistent message for our users, wherever they may be in their customer journey.

This session will explore understanding how to identify the other content teams in your organization (not as easy as it sounds!), how to entice them to carve out time for collaboration, and how to gain executive sponsorship for ongoing, intentional, cross-team content planning. We’ll provide specific strategies you can take back to your organizations as we walk through several of our current initiatives including:

·  Participating in cross-functional go-to-market teams
·  Providing pre-sales support
·  Creating a comprehensive In-product help experience
·  Supporting customer portfolio expansion
·  Ensuring maximum return on investment for customer satisfaction
·  Investing in user research to validate all of the above

What can the audience expect to learn?

We want to inspire content teams from any part of an organization to work together for the clearest message! We’ll provide examples of actual initiatives currently in progress. We’ll share how our various content teams come in and out of the content development cycle as our products go through development and how to coordinate those efforts.

Meet the presenters

Lisa Hultman is a Director of Product Content at ServiceNow. She has extensive experience leading technical training and writing teams building content for both software and hardware solutions. She is super passionate about cross-functional collaboration to ensure consistent messaging for customers. Having had her organizations fall under Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product Management, HR and even Finance over the years, she is well versed in collaborating with all functional teams.




Katie Ott is a Director of Product Content at ServiceNow. Throughout her career she has led several initiatives focused on reducing costs, innovating content delivery models, and developing and managing high performing teams. She finds the most joy when collaborating with other teams to drive efficiency in business process and consistency in customer experiences.


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